• Muiñeira for Cristina
  • Muiñeira de Carmen
  • Blue in green
  • Dindi
  • Gaitango (A Cristina Pato)
  • Remain Alert
  • Rosiña
  • Jota de Pontevedra
  • Pandeirada bestia
  • Mala entraña ou o Pasodobre de Paderne

New York Times REVIEW

Migrations is purely and simply the result of years searching for my own voice and my place as an artist. It is the synthesis of my classical training, my visceral connection to Galician popular music and my career in world music. 

Migrations is a way of understanding and approaching music as an organic being that grows, changes and evolves through the collaboration with other musicians and the influence of other musical worlds.

My name is Cristina Pato and I play the Gaita, the Galician Bagpipe, and the piano, two instruments that represent two very different ways of understanding music; two instruments that represent two completely different traditions; and two very different facets of my personality represented in this new album.

With Migrations I want to re-introduce myself to my audience and introduce myself to the new audience that would be discovering the Galician bagpipe with this music. Migration is a concept closely related to my culture, my family and my life. The idea of things and persons finding their space in another place without loosing their identity serves here as the metaphor of my own way of finding a musical language that would honor my roots, my instincts, my education and all the beautiful things I have learned from other artists in my personal trip...

My personal and musical migration and all the things that, migrating, have constantly changed the path I was supposed to follow and made me create my own way...

Executive Producer:
Cristina Pato

Artistic Producers:
Emilio Solla and Cristina Pato

Cristina Pato & The NYC Band:
Cristina Pato: gaita, piano, flute, vocals, pandeireta
Victor Prieto: accordion
Edward Perez: double bass
Eric Doob: drums

The Guests:
Edmar Castañeda, harp (1)
John Hadfield, percussion (1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9)
Colin Jacobsen, violin (4, 6)
Emilio Solla, piano (5)
Sandeep Das, tabla (6)
Xan Padrón, bouzouki (7)
Mike Block, cello (4, 8)
Roberto Comesaña, accordion (10)
Suso Vaamonde, gaita (10)

Cristina Pato

"The Galician Connection"

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Cristina Pato


Cristina Pato


The Galician Connection

  • Mundos Celtas_Celtic Worlds
  • Meniña Gaiteira_Bagpiper Girl
  • O Loito do Mar_Mourning Sea
  • A Sleepin' Bee_Abella Durminte
  • A Pomba Dourada_The Golden Dove
  • Caronte
  • Miña Nai Lúa_My Mother Moon
  • Lamento_Wail
  • Rubias Envidias_Blond Envies
  • Nos Altos de Washington_Washington Heights
  • Arena y Aire II_Sand and Air II
  • Negro Caravel

In February 2010, nine years after her last solo album, Cristina Pato releases her cd “The Galician Connection”. “The Galician Connection” is an intimate album, mature and introspective that reaffirms her successful career as a global artist. Cristina Pato has evolved as a musician and this album shows it.

With collaborations by singer Rosa Cedron (ex-Luar na Lubre, Mike Oldfield), accordion player Victor Prieto and his trio, canadian mezzo soprano Patrice Jegou, Javier Cedron’s string quartet, Carlos Beceiro’s bouzouki and her band members Laura Amado (voice), David G. Outumuro (percussions), Xan Padron and Raquel Pato. “The Galician Connection” was recorded in New York, Madrid, Galicia and Lisbon; produced by Cristina Pato for Zouma Records the cd includes 12 works composed by Cristina Pato, Victor Prieto, Xan Padrón, Rosa Cedrón and Raquel Pato among others.

“The Galician Connection” is a very intimate, personal and sincere project that connects Galician bagpipe to contemporary Music with Works like Caronte, Lamento or Meniña Gaiteira, to Jazz with Mundos Celtas or Nos Altos de Washington or to American classics like Sleepin’ Bee…including the connection to pop with Rubias Envidias.” The Galician Connection” includes the other side of Cristina as a collaborative pianist, accompanying Rosa Cedron and Patrice Jegou in works composed by Harold Arlen/Truman Capote, Raquel Pato and Rosa Cedrón (Sleepin’ Bee, Negro Caravel, Miña Nai Lúa). In “The Galician Connection” Galician bagpipe and piano connect from contemporary music to jazz…

“The Galician Connection” is the beginning of a new step for one of the most international stars of the gaita. A pioneer on the use of the Galician bagpipe as a global instrument, Cristina Pato continues showing the possibilities of her instrument through contemporary music and her own language.

Cristina Pato is a member of Yo Yo Ma’s The Silk Road Ensemble.

Produced by Cristina Pato


"Muller" (2010)

Cristina Pato


From Russia to Brazil

"Cristina Pato piano, Patrice Jegou mezzo soprano. Classical"

El Hombre de Arena (2007) BSO

With Yo Yo Ma and The Silk Road Ensemble

Yo-Yo Ma and Friends: Grammy Award Winner 2010

"Songs of Joy and Peace"    Yo-Yo Ma, Sony Masterworks

Silk Road Ensemble: Grammy Nomination 2011

Off the Map

With Yo Yo Ma and Silk Road Ensemble

"A Playlist Without Borders" gaita and piano on works by Vijay Iyer and David Bruce


Patrice Jegou

Speak Low

Kepa Junkera


Cantigas de Mulleres

BOA 2012

Miles Español

The Jazz Recording Event of 2011

A Gift from Galicia

“A Gift from Galicia”

Benito Cabrera

“Veinte años en cinco cuerdas”

María do Ceo

"Celme Encantado" (2010)

Galician Tunes (2010)

Música Galega Hoxe (2010)

Fasero 3 (2009)


"Canto do Mar" (2010)

Andrés Duende

“Astral Moon”

Benito Cabrera

“Puente del Sur”


Los sonidos de Galicia


“Mar de Mares”


Naciones Celtas II


Naciones Celtas III


“Cousas da Lúa”


“Has Bailar”



Real Banda de Gaitas

“Cantigas do Mar”

Real Banda de Gaitas

”Gran Rapsodia de Aires Populares“

Real Banda de Gaitas


Real Banda de Gaitas

“Ano Santo”

Real Banda de Gaitas


Real Banda de Gaitas

“Solistas da Real Banda”




21-04-2014 ||  11:00

New York University NYU

23-04-2014 ||  16:00

Holy Cross College MA Cristina Pato BAND

27-04-2014 ||  20:00

Cheyenne Reservation

29-04-2014 ||  20:00

Turnaround Arts, CHEYENNE


01-05-2014 ||  20:00

Cristina Pato BAND in Phoenix AZ

03-05-2014 ||  20:00

Cristina Pato BAND in Fallon NV

08-05-2014 ||  20:00

Cristina Pato BAND Virgina Arts Festival

09-05-2014 ||  20:00

Cristina Pato BAND in Wilmington DE

16-05-2014 ||  17:00

Spanish Honors Society award

20-05-2014 ||  14:00

Washington DC Educational Outreach


02-06-2014 ||  14:00

Silk Road CONNECT education NYC

03-06-2014 ||  15:00

silk Road CONNECT education NYC


18-07-2014 ||  20:00

The Freeman Stage at Bayside

26-07-2014 ||  20:00

Vail International Dance Festival

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